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Leia algumas publicações e trabalhos de investigação focados no software da Fine e dos seus casos de aplicação.


No. Nome Atualizada Programas relacionados
1 Sheeting wall analysis by the method of dependent pressures 10/2011 Verificação de Contenções
2 Design of sheet piling for the prague metro line C 5/2007 Verificação de Contenções
3 Design of diaphragm walls according to EN 1997-1:2004 Eurocode 7 10/2007 Verificação de Contenções
4 Hazards of quarrying activity: A finite element modelling of human-induced risk of land subsidence above cellar systems cut into porous limestone 9/2006 Perda de Solo
5 Lusitanian timber framed masonry via FINE Ltd. civil engineering software 8/2009 MEF
6 Slope stability assessment of weathered clay by using field data and computer modelling: a case study from Budapest 6/2007 Estabilidade de Taludes
7 Stability problems of abandoned clay pits in Budapest 11/2006 Estabilidade de Taludes
8 Myslbekova street – Prasny bridge (Mypra) section of the city circle road primary and secondary tunnel lining design methodology 3/2007 MEF – Túnel
9 Numerical evaluation of deep foundations in a tropical soil of Brazil 2/2003 Projeto de Contenções
10 Numerical evaluation of bored piles in tropical soils by means of the geo-technical engineering “GEO4” Fine Software 6/2006 Estaca
11 Experimental and Numerical Analyses of Bored Pile Foundations in a Tropical Soil 6/2003 Grupo de Estacas
12 Design and Construction Aspects of the Largest “Pile Curtain” Retaining Structure Built in the Tropical Soil of the Brazilian Central Area 8/2009 Verificação de Contenções
13 Shear Skin Transfer of Concrete Bored Piles Testing and Modelling 5/2007 Estaca
14 Numerical Evaluation of Pile Foundations in Tropical Soils of the Federal District of Brazil by Means of a Semi-Analytical Mathematical Procedure 3/2003 Estaca
15 Comparison of geotechnic softwares – Geo FEM, Plaxis, Z-Soil 8/2009 MEF
16 Preconsolidation, structural strength of soil, and its effect on subsoil upper structure interaction 4/2016 MEF
17 Phenomenon of Influence Zone in Civil Engineering Practise 4/2016 MEF
18 Numerical analysis of circular reinforced concrete tunnel lining 10/2009 MEF, MEF – Túnel
19 Evaluation of PET and PP Geotextile Reinforced Embankment on Soft Soil 1/2013 Estabilidade de Taludes, Muro de Solo Reforçado
20 Underground Houses on Sliding Slopes (Acta Technica Napocensis: Civil Engineering & Architecture Vol. 57, No. 2) 9/2014 Estabilidade de Taludes
21 Stability analysis of slopes with surcharge by LEM and FEM 7/2015 Estabilidade de Taludes, MEF
22 Numerical analysis of MSE wall using finite element and limit equilibrium methods 12/2016 MEF, Muro de Solo Reforçado
23 Effects of water-level variation on the stability of slope by LEM and FEM 2/2017 Estabilidade de Taludes, MEF
24 Benchmarking of single pile foundations, comparing Eurocode 7 with software programs 10/2020 Estaca via CPT/SPT
25 Benchmarking analytical and software calculation methods for designing slab foundations according to Eurocode 7 10/2020 Sapata
26 To what extent do software programs comply with Eurocode 7 with regard to the bearing capacity of strip foundations 10/2020 Sapata
27 The Influence of Boundary Conditions on the Response of Underground Structures Subjected to Earthquake 1/2018 MEF, MEF – Análise Sísmica
28 Modeling of Underground Structures Subjected to Earthquake by Combining 1D Free-Field and 2D Pseudo-Static Analyses 1/2018 MEF, MEF – Análise Sísmica
29 Geohazard as Consequence of Primary Stress State Ignorance during Design of Geotechnical Constructions 3/2021 GEO5
30 Determination of global stability for a group of geotechnical objects in complicated geological conditions 3/2021 GEO5
31 Stability Analysis of Dump Slope in Open Cast Mines 8/2021 Estabilidade de Taludes